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Sad News For Oasis & Warehouse In York

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With the recent lockdown firmly in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the already struggling high street was always going to have a tough time riding out the storm.

So it’s with heavy hearts that we have to say goodbye to two very stylish casualties. Oasis and Warehouse are icons of high streets across the UK and they have been part of York’s high streets for many years.

York Life Editor, Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts, said: “I particularly liked these two brands. I have shopped at Oasis and Warehouse for years and particularly loved Warehouse. It’s an incredibly sad loss for the UK high streets and especially for the great staff at these stores. My heart goes out to them at what must be a hugely difficult time. Not only are they having to deal with the emotional and physical stresses of dealing with the coronavirus but now they also have the pressure of redundancy. It seems so cruel. I do hope they will bounce back.”

It will be especially tough for independent boutiques. They were already dealing with falling footfall but the coronavirus outbreak and its subsequent pressures on pockets will only add to beleagured boutique owners’ problems. Having said that, there does seem to be a glimmer of hope in that the wider population seem to be appreciating what they’ve lost during the lockdown – namely to shop. Hopefully there will be a post-lockdown bounce and the boutiques can get back in business.

Expect some bargains though. They’ll be sitting on large amounts of spring and summer stock which will need to be shifted to make way for autumn collections already purchased. bad for boutiques but good for consumers.

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